After Camera Lucida (2017)

After Camera Lucida was an intermedial performance installation for an audience of 30. The performance took place in May 2017 at the Citizens Theatre in Glasgow.

The piece was a response to Roland Barthes’ 1980 book about photography Camera Lucida and explored ideas of grief, time and absence through my own autobiography. Installing home movie footage from 1986 of my mother holding me as a baby in the 19th century auditorium of the Citizens Theatre and responding through choreographies of stillness and the pose, the work examined the textures of grief and the thickness of emotion.

The performance was made in collaboration with Rachel O’Neill and Nick Millar and was part of my practice-research PhD at the University of Glasgow: Affective Intentionalities: Practising Performance with Roland Barthes.

Photo credit: Julia-Kristina Bauer