brief as photos (2020)

“According to whether we are in the same place or separated from each other, I know you twice. There are two of you.” John Berger

brief as photos is an interactive audio lecture about the changing view from my kitchen window, addressed to an audience listening at home. Taking inspiration from John Berger’s 1984 book and our faces, my heart, brief as photos the piece considers aspects of intimacy and distance, perception and memory.

Recorded for Forest Fringe TV during the COVID-19 lockdown, the piece explores how to be together even while we are apart.

The piece was available to stream for one week from 7.30pm on 25th June – 7.30pm on 2nd July 2020.

Text written and performed by Harry Wilson

Dramaturg: Rachel O’Neill

brief as photos is part of a larger project exploring Immersive Technologies and Intimate Performance. The first version of this work was developed in collaboration with Rachel O’Neill and Julie Williamson while I was in residence at the National Theatre of Scotland.