The Punctum (2013-14)

THE PUNCTUM was a lecture performance exploring the performative nature of photographs. The piece examined a series of ‘bodies caught in the act’ through the lens of Roland Barthes’ theories on photography. From Yves Klein’s Leap Into the Void (1960) to Richard Drew’s controversial Falling Man image (2001) via a few family photographs and a series of staged falls, THE PUNCTUM contemplated the spaces between life and death, stillness and motion, transcendence and immanence.

THE PUNCTUM was first developed for Team Effort’s IF events at Southside Studios in July 2013 and was subsequently performed at the University of Glasgow, GENERATORProjects and DCA, Dundee.

THE PUNCTUM was part of The Death Jump Series made in collaboration with Rob Jones and Cara Berger, a project mapping and responding to a series of dangerous jumps from the 20th and 21st century.

Photo credit: Beth Savage

In 2014 I collaborated with video artist Kim Beveridge to make a film version of the lecture for a performance event at the Glad Cafe in Glasgow.

you can watch that below, password: punctum